August Burns Red at Ace of Spades

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Ace of Spades | Sacramento, California

August Burns Red

Brace yourselves for the HEAVIEST concert event of the year! August Burns Red is set to take the stage at Ace of Spades in Sac-town on November 27, 2023. This bad boy is about to be lit AF, y'all!

Get ready for a face-melting evening packed with their greatest hits. Feel the beat, vibe, and nostalgia of "Composure", "Marianas Trench", and "White Washed" shredding from their guitars, bursting right through your effin' soul.

Tickets? Don’t even sweat it, grab yours before they're ALL GONE! Remember, August Burns Red ain’t just a concert, it’s an outright, gut-punching, sensory assault of epic proportions. Their gold-standard live shows are INFAMOUS. Nothin' compares to the textures and tones on offer during their iconic titanic tour nights.

Each track on their set list is whipped up to send a shiver down your spine or get your blood rushing, igniting head-banging euphoria. And PS, their tour merch is next-level COOL. So, rabid fans, make a bee-line for those flashes of fists and wonder.

Sacramento, brace yourself for a night as fiery as an August sun. Don’t miss out. This is the concert you'll be Snapchatting about, tweeting your hearts out with the #lit #AugustBurnsRed tag, moshing your cares away. Taking the meaning of the word “iconic” to the stratosphere and beyond, the Ace of Spades is about to get LOUDER.

Rad news, my dudes! August Burns Red is bringing their blazing TOUR straight to our fav punk-rock playground, Ace of Spades, on Nov 27, 2023. It's time to throw down, cause we're in for one rowdy, mind-blowing CONCERT. Picture this: Strobe lights pulsing, hearts pounding, guitars wailing, and a sea of fists pumping to beats that make the ground shake. Are you stoked yet? Trust, once you grab your TICKET, you won't regret it. That ain't no jive, folks!

Led by that hotshot JB Brubaker, ABR is known for their molten performances. Killer riffs, deep chugs, and luscious breakdowns. And let's not forget our buddy Jake Luhrs, the voice that carries us into the eye of the storm. His visceral shrieks are like the raw crunch of a wildfire, visceral, primal, and so damn potent - it's RADICAL. Guaranteed goosebumps. Those mad Grammy nominations didn't come out of nowhere, dudes!

August Burns Red concert - it's not about just raging, it's about connection. Shaking fists, banging heads, singing aloud; it’s shared electricity carving memories in your skull. It's going to be packed with friendly faces, all sharing the same spectacular, chest-throbbing noise. Woah, dudes, the scene's gonna be lit AF!

Let's talk the infamous Ace of Spades for a tick. This adrenaline den of ours is no stranger to hosting hella righteous gigs. It's reppin' Sac Town for over a decade, showcasing heavy-hitters from punk, metal, to rock worlds. Mad acoustics, multiple bars, and epic event staff; venue ambiance hits the bullseye every time. "Rough around the edges," some call it. We call it home.

Hey, not to mention, talk about perfect location! Nestled neatly in downtown Sacramento, it's the prime spot for grabbing a brew after the mosh-pit shenanigans. Authentic, grunge, and a bit gritty – it’s the spoken poetry of our city. Ace of Spades has all you need and wanna feel. It is the mecca of our musical pilgrimage.

So, let's rally, mates. Get your grunge gear ready, brush off those combat boots. Crank up the tunes and memorize those lyrics – they're YOUR anthems! Grab your TICKETS before they're gone. Jump into the chaos and FEEL the raw POWER of August Burns Red. Let's prove that Sac Town knows how to throw a wicked SHOW.

It's game time! Don’t snooze on this. If you miss out, you’re gonna kick yourself hard. Don’t let FOMO grab you by the coattails. Secure your spot in the storm, TODAY! Let’s get LIT, Sac Town!

August Burns Red at Ace of Spades

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